Spinning things

I’m now just over halfway through spinning the singles for the warp of the redleaf wrap – the picture is the first batch of singles and the fibre for the second batch, both about 100g; the yarn is very fine worsted, and from some guesses at its weight I’m hoping that 200g of two-ply will be enough. If not, I have plenty more of the fibre so will just spin some more to make up the shortfall. It’s really boring spinning, so it’s useful to have a deadline to aim for – next weekend I have a crafting date with S, B and G, and I’m hoping to have finished spinning all the yarn for the wrap, and have warped up the loom before then so I can take weaving with me, and let the others play with the wheel while I show off the loom :-)

I estimate that it took me about 10 hours to spin the first 100g, so it should be possible to finish up, especially since R is away for part of this week, so I won’t have to choose between spinning and hanging out with him!

This has made me think seriously about ordering the lace flyer kit forthe wheel, because it’s slower going than it should be simply because Ican’t treadle fast enough – smaller whorls would make that much easier. And I think I will be spinning more very fine yarn… The picture to the left is a tiny piece of a lovely eight-ply double-cabled yarn I spun just now from a wisp of leftover purple merino, to add to the current handspun-oddball-in-progress. I spun it on a spindle as very fine singles, and then plied it twice, and it’s gorgeous.

The redleaf sampling left me with some bits and pieces of leftovers of the yarn I used in it, which has reminded me of the current handspun oddball (left). That’s redleaf-plied-with-burgundy over most of its surface, and the bit of purple yarn from above with the free end. And in between the strands of red, you can catch glimpses of some of the other layers hidden below. I’ve no idea now what’s in it, and am looking forward to winding it into a skein to find out…

…And the fact that this oddball is almost ready to be wound into a skein to join the others reminded me of my bags of leftover bits of fibre (right). The big pile of pink in the top left is an early attempt at hand-carding leftovers. It’s a bit of a mess, though, so I’ll probably put it through the drum carder to tidy it up a bit, and then maybe there’s enough of it to do something with, perhaps especially if I also tone the colour down by carding it with the grey Shetland that’s at mid-right in the picture. The rest, including the pinkish-grey alpaca at top right, I’m probably going to spindle-spin into bits and pieces to add to the oddball and hasten its journey skein-wards.

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