Push me pull you socks

Pattern: push-me-pull-you socks

I’ve been working on these socks for such a long time that it seems impossible that I’ve finally stopped faffing with them and published the pattern :-)

I cast on for my first pair in December 2008, and finished the third (and the prototype of the properly-written-up pattern) in February 2014. And now the pattern is available, and I can stop fiddling with them:download it from Ravelry here!

These are two-at-a-time double knit socks, worked inside out, which means you don’t need to keep moving the yarn backwards and forwards (using English and continental knitting techniques). The¬†fraternal rather than matching colour choice is partly because I like that, and partly because that makes it much less likely that you’ll accidentally twist stitches. So these should be a much easier, less risky version of doubleknit socks than the standard one.

Push me pull you socks

Joined at the ribbing

Working doubleknit ribbing