Suffragette socks in progress

These are the four faces of my first suffragette cuff. Naturally, I prefer the purple side :-)

There are some mistakes in the white side, although I’ve checked and they’re mistakes in the knitting, not in the chart, so at some point soon I’ll publish the both-sides-right-way chart to go with the simple one. (It’s very exciting publishing a pattern on Ravelry and then watching people adding it to favourites and queue!)

I’m also planning some adjustments to the chart to suit a wider range of stitch counts – it should be fairly easy to narrow the pattern in several places. And I’m thinking about serifs…

2 thoughts on “Suffragette socks in progress”

  1. It is pretty neat when you see people adding your patterns.:-)

    I like the purple side better, too, and not just for the obvious “because it's purple” reason. I think the white lettering shows up better, at least in these pictures. Maybe if the purple were a darker shade, it would stand out better?

  2. Yeah, I think you're right about the contrast. (Also, there are a couple of mistakes on the white side where stitches that should be purple are actually white, which doesn't help.)

    Sadly, the local supply of yarn is bad enough that I was amazed and grateful to just be able to buy the colours I wanted, even without having a choice of shades. I'd prefer a darker purple and a brighter green if I made them again. But I can live with these colours by remembering that the yarn was *very* cheap :-)

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