Scarves and socks







The first two pictures are more woven scarves. The first is woven from the green-pink-brown handspun from a couple of posts down, and I sort of regret using the green stripes in the warp, because I think the colours would show up better without. I will give this to someone at some point, because the colours aren’t very me, but I haven’t decided who yet.

The second is a last-minute Christmas gift for R, which I partly wove in front of him on Christmas Eve, figuring (correctly, it turns out) that he pays no attention to what I’m making unless I talk to him about it. There are stripes in the weft – plain dark grey Jaeger merino and black tweed YSL – but they’re much less obvious in the flesh than in the photo.

Next up (pictures three and four) is the finally-finished Clessidra. I don’t think I’ll use the riverbed sockitecture again, because I don’t like how it fits me, but I love the socks and am going to wear them to a crafting date tomorrow :-)

Picture five is R’s blue socks with a reknitted heel after he wore a massive hole in one of them. I think I’ve still got some of the blue, but I’m not sure where, and he didn’t mind them being mended in black.

The last pic is my new sock project, double knit socks which I’m knitting wrong side out, so I don’t have to move the yarn backwards and forwards (near side is English-style purl, far side is continental-style knit, so one strand in each hand, which is fun). The downside of knitting them this way around is that I can’t read my knitting on the wrong side, so whether I’m increasing or not on any given row is a bit random but because I’m knitting them at the same time they’ll match anyway so it doesn’t matter, and I’m planning a short-row heel so there’s no other increases or decreases to keep track of. I wanted to use different yarn to make it easier to keep track of which stitch belongs to which sock, so these will end up non-matching stripes – once I’ve finished the toe I’ll break the yarn and swap them over, and keep swapping them at random intervals throughout (must remember to break yarn to do this, so I don’t end up knitting the two together).

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