New photos

My old camera died, so I’m way behind in taking photos of things, but today I bought a new one, which I chose on its ability to take closeups. So here’s the last week or so’s crafting…


Spinning! The alpaca (first two photos) isn’t new spinning, but I took the photos to test the closeups – the second is without flash, because super macro doesn’t work with forced flash, but it still shows that the picture is clear even this close up. The third picture is the plied result of the shetland-merino-silk-mohair mix, and the fourth is to be a gift for a friend. It’s the hand-painted purple wool I bought at the Knitting and Stitching show, but it was so matted it wouldn’t spin easily without carding it first, so it’s much less variegated as yarn than it was when I bought it. I’ve got two more lots of fibre from the same supplier, but carding really would mess up the colours in those, so I’ll have to carefully pre-draft before spinning it.


Knitting! We bought teapots on holiday in Cumbria, and now I’ve made a teacosy from the three-ply wisteria yarn that matches the navajo ply in my dissertation socks. It took me a day, and the top is Cat Bordhi’s whirlpool toe! And I’m still knitting along on Clessidra – over halfway through both socks now.

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