Plots and schemes

As a result of a long-held scheme, I have finally cast on for Clessidra, only a year after buying the yarn! Naturally, I’m converting the pattern to toe-up, and using Cat Bordhi’s master numbers rather than the numbers in the pattern, but I am following the pattern part of the pattern, so that’s alright. Although toe-up means I’m a long way from the exciting hourglass cables :-(

The yarn is purple Cherry Tree Hill, as seen in my Baudelaires, and the needles are 2.25mm Knitpicks. It’s coincidence that these are the same size needles the pattern calls for – my 2.5mm Addis are otherwise occupied, 2mm is too small, and I only have 2.75mm needles in DPNs.

I’m still plotting my MiL’s Christmas present – the photo to the right is a pile of alpaca rolags I’ve hand carded in preparation for spinning them, on the theory that I might as well card in front of the TV to encourage me to spin, and therefore possibly get the whole thing done in time for Christmas. Still, I saw her this weekend and warned her that the price of lovingly hand-crafted gifts was possible lateness ;-)

The colours in these are deliberately not mixed much – I’m carding to tidy up the fibre, not to blend colours, and I’m hoping the eventual yarn (which will be two-ply) will be gently variegated.

But I really don’t like hand carding very much, so I’m forming a scheme to purchase a drum carder to make the process easier. Space in the library is, as ever, at a premium, so some book weeding and miscellaneous tidying is called for before I’ll allow myself to add to the pile of crafting equipment I’m keeping.

I finished my mini-weaving project, and wove the resulting braid into a small square of meta-weaving, which I’m rather pleased with. In fact, I’m so pleased that I’m plotting a loom acquisition, or rather, scheming to get R to buy me one for my birthday. Only a little one, but I’m already plotting my first real weaving project. My excursion into buying coloured clothes this spring and summer has left me with a problem now the weather’s getting colder: all my mid-layers – cardigans and wraps – are black or purple, and don’t go with some shades-of-red clothes I’ve bought (or the others I may still buy). For a while I’ve been plotting to ply my burgundy merino fibre with something variegated and autumnal (as yet unpurchased), but my original plan was to knit a wrap with it. However, I’m not actually all that keen on knitted wraps, and much prefer woven ones. The loom I’m scheming for is 80cm wide, which should be plenty big enough for a nice wrap, and I’m excited about the colour possibilities in spinning hand-dyed fibre then weaving it :-)

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