These are the (finally!) finished Shadow and Ghost socks (from the Cheshire cat pattern at Purlescence). They’re a late birthday present for female-friend-R (in honour of her grey-Ghost-cat and her black-Shadow-cat), who seemed pleased with them and impressed at the cleverness of me (even though I explained that it’s entirely Alice Bell who’s clever; I’m just following instructions ;-)

I’m plotting lots of other socks, several of which are inspired by New Pathways: Bartholomew’s Tantalising Socks for partner-R, who turns out to like the handpainted red and green Opal I ill-advisedly bought on holiday last year, hoorah; Coriolis spirals for me from the red and pink sock yarn that Frax currently has custody of, and especially the Clematis vine socks, with vertical stripes, because I agree with Cat Bordhi: two-handed knitting is coooool.

Which brings me to my ‘new’ project. It’s not new at all, really. I cast on for BMP sometime towards the end of November, and almost immediately sent the project into hibernation awaiting me getting around to learning to knit continental – dropping and picking up the yarn every other stitch was driving me potty. But now I’ve finished a project I’m allowed* to start another, and since I’ve now learnt continental (knit stitch, anyway; I still have to look up how to purl, and my muscles haven’t learnt it yet), I’ve now properly started making gothic space invaders :-) The contrast between the purple and the black isn’t perfect, but I figure over the whole sock it will become more obvious. And I really like how they look so far. The Knitwitches yarn is lovely, and knitting one yarn with one hand and the other with the other is loads of fun.

*This doesn’t, of course, mean that I only ever have a certain number of projects on the needles – I might easily start yet another before I finish the next, but I’ll worry a tiny bit about my attention span and lack of finishing ability. If I’ve just finished a project I don’t need to worry ;-)

I’m actually plotting another sock project, which I might end up casting on for before these are done, but that’s a matter for my next post…

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