Peacock and purple




This looks much less peacocky now it’s finished than it did in progress, but the name remains anyway. The weird thing about it is that it often manages to look like blue-shading-to-purple, when it’s actually blue and green, and neither shade of blue admitted to having any association with purple when still in fibre form.

It’s soft and smooshy three ply merino, really quite evenly spun and plied (both on the wheel), and about DK/worsted sort of weight. I’ve no idea at all what to do with it but I love it anyway. Maybe I’ll just keep it as a pet, and get it out and touch it every now and again ;-)

The second picture is ‘two thirds peacock’ – a tiny amount of two ply from the light blue and the green left over from the three ply. The last picture is ‘ever diminishing peacock’ – a very tiny indeed skein of green two ply. Both of these are too small to do anything much with. They might go into the scrap scarf, or I might eventually come up with something that requires tiny bits of yarn. Some sort of freeform patchwork ‘art’ type thing, perhaps.

Oh, and this (right) is a better FO picture of the purple three-ply – it’s much more like the actual colours than the one I posted the other day. I started making flip-top mittens out of the other skein of this, but they didn’t work in various ways, so I’ve frogged. Back to the drawing board. If only spindles and spinning wheels came complete with an automatic inspiration generator for what to do with relatively small amounts of yarn – things in the 200-300m area. Hats and scarves and gloves are the sorts of things I’m thinking about, but since I already have enough of those items and am fussy about (a) what I knit, (b) what I wear, and (c) what I want to do with my precious handspun, perhaps I should work on considering yarn as an FO in its own right, without feeling that I need to knit it into something immediately.

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