In praise of the internet

A couple of days ago, I posted in the beginning spinners forum on Ravelry asking where UK spinners go to get exciting hand-dyed fibre. The replies introduced me to enough places to keep me going for a while, including someone reccing the Etsy store of a Raveller who then turned up in the thread herself with a bit more information. So I finally checked out Etsy, which I’ve been meaning to do for ages, ordered some hand-dyed fibre for me, and some more to spin as a gift, and five minutes later I received a lovely email from the seller (Freyalyn), telling me when she’s going to post my package and asking if I came from Ravelry :-)

It’s probably abundantly obvious, but I love the internet. Ravelry lets me tap into the vast reserves of knowledge held in the brains of my fellow-crafters, Etsy lets me buy unique hand-made supplies directly from independent producers, email lets us communicate about it, and Vox lets me write this post squeeing :-)

Some of this wouldn’t even be possible, pre-internet, and the bits that were possible would be an awful lot slower. Now all we need is a way of delivering yarn and fibre instantaneously!

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