Neither of these are new. One is positively ancient (November? October? I’m not sure. Sometime during the bit of the back end of 2007 when I was in a bit of a pit. Not that I’m blaming the hat for the pit.)

It’s called the spirals hat for two reasons: first that single-row stripes in the round are spirals, and it’s always seemed to me a bit sad that this fact isn’t visually obvious. Second because the slip-stitch cable columns spiral around the hat as it goes. I like the idea better than the reality, and I messed up the decreases at the crown (read: didn’t bother calculating them properly, just made it up on the fly, which doesn’t work for such a structured idea-piece), so it’s all bunchy. I should just get on and frog it, really.

Hat number two is more recent (I finished it in December, because I was wearing it on Christmas Eve, prompting the gift of the spinning wheel!), and I like it much more. It’s the first real, fairly successful, yarn that I spun – the lilac and purple merino, spun and plied on a spindle. It’s not very even (‘rustic charm’), and the hat is slightly too big (so I can pile all my hair up under it). And it’s a bit more sensible than my bright-variegated-purple pointy stocking cap, which was what I needed. (I love the silly pointy hat, but there are occasions it’s too silly for ;-)

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