Not that I’ve neglected my knitting…



I don’t yet want to spin in front of the TV – it requires too much attention, and it’s still fun in its own right, so it seems like a waste – so just because I’ve been spinning, doesn’t mean I haven’t been knitting, too. We’ve been watching a lot of spooks, during which I’ve mostly been knitting the clapotis that’s in the top picture. It’s boring, so it’s good TV knitting, and the gaps between the exciting dropping of stitches aren’t too long, so there’s something to look forward to all the time.

The second picture is the scrap scarf I mentioned below. It’s been ongoing for ages, and probably will be for ages more, but it’s shaping up nicely, and it means I only have to throw away leftover pieces that are too short to have two knots tied in them, which is good because I hate throwing away tiny bits of pretty (in the same vein, I’m keeping all my tiny wispy bits of spinning leftovers in a bowl next to my desk, with the thought of trying to spin them all together when I’m proficient enough to try it).

I have also knit a row or so of the goth space invaders (black and purple bmp), but I’m just not enjoying it. I need to persevere so I get the hang of the stranding, which will make it more fun, but at the moment it’s just annoying and fiddly, and I’m channeling all of my perseverance and determination into trying to finish off my various academic assignments by the end of the semester, so the socks will have to wait.

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