Attention span of a flea

I’ve finished the first elegant ribbed stocking (photos later), and am very happy with it. I’ve even cast on and done the first six rows of the second, but my eye is wandering. I knit one needle of Pomatomus, but it needed too much attention, and that’s not the kind of knitting I do in work crises (not feeling well this evening, hence knitting instead of working). Couldn’t even bring myself to finish the round.

I knit the first elegant rib in a week, so I really shouldn’t be bored yet, but I’ve been flipping through Favorite Socks, and my Ravelry queue, thinking about what other sock yarn I’ve got stashed, and wandering about what to make with it. Red smooshy is probably going to be the embossed leaves socks; purple Cherry Tree Hill for clessidra. The purple Knitwitches is variegated, so probably wants to be something plain, and is suggesting it might want to be the main colour for Ilga’s socks, but they’re Fair Isle and require other colours for the pattern. I’ve got ordinary black which would work for the dark colour, but the only other unassigned yarns I’ve got are Opal handpaint, which is too fussy, or ordinary dark green, which wouldn’t go. One of the assigned yarns – the red smooshy or the purple CTH – would go better, but I’d have to knit their assigned socks first in case there’s not enough yarn. And the purple colour would go better, but the red texture would be better, because the CTH has a really different texture from the others (tighter spun and less fluffy). I’ve got some purple CTH and some Lorna’s Laces valentine left over from other things, but probably not enough :-(

If I don’t want to knit the other elegant rib just now, what I should do is knit friend-R’s other jaywalker, or even some of my stalled red cardigan. The cardigan’s too boring, but if I can force myself to get through the next few inches, I’m at sleeve-splitting-off time, which is itself interesting, and which leaves me with shorter – therefore less boring – rows. But it’s big and heavy and requires five balls of yarn at once, and just thinking about it makes me tired. And anyway, I really want to be knitting socks.

Jaywalker is probably the right level of interesting – something to do, but easy to remember and not at all taxing – but I’m all out of enthusiasm for the pattern.

I keep looking at the existing pairs of socks that I’ve made, and marvelling that I ever managed to finish both, let alone that in all cases I knit the second straight after the first (although I did have a shortish hiatus in knitting the triskell cable socks). What was it that kept me going? When did I lose it? And how do I get it back again?

Ahem. Seem to have turned into Carrie from Sex and the City for a moment there.

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