Finished triskell socks, holiday knitting

The triskell cable socks are now finished, bar the trivial matter ofweaving in the ends (NB, must also weave in ends on Baudelaire). Nophotos yet, because I’ve spent the evening preparing for going toCornwall on Saturday (might photograph socks in glamourous Cornishlocation). I’ve also been downloading patterns to take with me, sinceI’ve inconveniently finished a project just before going and amunlikely to get round to starting another in time (am bored of Wisp, sodon’t want to take it). Seems I’m incapable of writing a sentencewithout a parenthetical comment (even this one).

The patterns I’ve downloaded are all intended for sock yarn (wide-ishchoice available, takes little space, few sets of needles required).Some of them are actually sock patterns (for socks for friend-R -probably Jaywalker, but I’ve downloaded some others as well in case Ican’t get a decent gauge on Jaywalker), and the rest are toys(dinosaurs, nautiluses (nautili?), dragon, turtle, etc), cos I don’twant to buy yarn for toys, but they work well knit small from sockleftovers).

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