The clapotis in the library

This is my finished clapotis being modelledby the futon in the library. Not only have I finished and photographedthe clapotis, I’m also gradually reclaiming the library (whichfunctions as my study). Right of the photo is an armchair that’s piledhigh with stuff (mostly stuff that was piled on the broken previousfuton, I think), and in front of the armchair is anottoman-kinda-thing, which was previously covered with and surroundedby further piles of stuff, but most of those piles are now gone. And tostart off this tidying extravaganza, I sorted my knitting supplies andstash; the supplies are now in a little wooden cupboard next to mydesk, with my WIPs – each in their own ziplock bag, and the whole in acanvas bag – beside it. The stash, also in bags (categorised by colour)is in the pull-out drawer under the futon. If you don’t look tooclosely, you might think I was a tidy person!

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