Finished Baudelaire!

I think there must be a trick to takingphotographs of your own feet. A trick I have not yet mastered. Butanyway! I have finished both of my Baudelaires, and am very pleasedwith myself :-) I did intend to finish the second sometime over theEaster weekend, but ending up having the kind of fun that is notconducive to knitting. I tried knitting in the garden on Sundayafternoon, but the Pimms and lemonade, and then the gin and tonic whenwe ran out of Pimms, meant that was probably a bad idea – I did managea couple of rows, but they were very slow, and I kept having to countall the time and look at my knitting in puzzlement to try and work outwhether the number I was counting was the right one ;-)

I finished the body of the second sock yesterday, and have just nowfinished the ribbing on both, and am wearing them as I type. This isthe second pair of socks I’ve knitted for myself, but I don’t wear theothers often for various reasons, and I’d forgotten what hand-knittedsocks feel like. I remember reading on some blog or other that feelingthe texture of the knitting on your feet is supposed to be one of thejoys of socks – every step reminds you that your feet are covered withsomething as extravagantly luxurious as hand-knitted socks. With theseit works even when I’m just sitting here typing, feet propped up on thetable in front of me. The incredible luxury is part of why I like theidea of handmade socks. The yarn alone costs several times more than apair of machine-made socks, and that’s even before figuring in the costof the time (at a very rough estimate, these took eight hours ofknitting per sock). And the intricate lace on a garment that willhardly be seen! (Especially true in my case – I don’t really likewearing socks on their own. My ideal state is barefoot, so if I don’thave to wear shoes I’m very unlikely to be wearing socks. Except ifI’ve just finished knitting a pair, apparently ;-)

There are some problems with these. The toes aretoo pointed, I think, and the ankle isn’t quite wide enough tocomfortably go over my heel (these are the medium size, with largerinstep adjustment, but my gauge was slightly off, so mine are probablya little larger than the medium are supposed to be). It fits, butthere’s a certain amount of tugging.

With the first sock, I was lucky in the way the rows worked out, and Iended up (by chance) with the ankle cables happening on row 8 of the8-row lace pattern. With the second sock I made a point of countingrows to make sure the same thing happened again, but I miscounted. Iwas only one row out, and it’s barely visible, but I can see it and itannoys me.

But still, I love them. They’re my first serious pair of socks, and I don’t think they will be the last.

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