Since I’m planning to use this blog to keep track of what I’m doing with my knitting, I shall begin with some lists:


  • Random lace raglan jumper, dark red Kidsilk Haze (pattern: me, inspired by Luscious Gracious)
  • Clapotis, black/purple/blue/green variegated lace-weight cotton (pattern: Knitty)
  • Scrap scarf, leftover bits of everything I’ve ever knit

Finished and photographed

  • Jumper of doom (purple cables, just doesn’t suit me), purple merino DK (to be frogged; pattern: me)
  • Dinosaur, purpley-pinky Marnasock yarn (pattern: Xtreme)
  • Socks, purpley-pinky Marnasock yarn (pattern: me)

Finished and possibly-to-be photographed

  • Halfdome hat, blue cashmerino (pattern: Knitty)
  • Lace-up fingerless gloves, dark red Maya (pattern: AlterKnits)
  • Purple Colinette One Zero cardigan (pattern: me)
  • Rogue cardigan, purple Donegal Aran Tweed (pattern: girlfromauntie, Claudia’s cardigan mod)
  • Silly pointy hat, purple Silkwood Contessa (pattern: me)
  • Dark red Manos lace wrap (possibly to be frogged; pattern: me)


  • Reknit jumper of doom into cardigan with same cable pattern (pattern: me)
  • Purple leftovers cardigan (has to wait for the above; pattern: me)
  • Socks! (possibly Clessidra from Knitty)
  • Test project for spiral jogless single-row stripes
  • Test project for in-the-round intarsia
  • Something stranded with rainbow sock yarn
  • Something with various greys
  • Dying cream Irish wool to add to purple leftovers
  • Something with red Soho
  • Make a stash list
  • Have knitting weekend with Frax

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