Off the needles

The other two projects that I initially categorised as “on the needles” are the clapotis and the scrap scarf.

I started the clapotis ages and ages ago, inbeautiful soft cotton I bought in Baltimore, variegated purple, blackand blue.  I was having fun with it, enjoying dropping thestitches, but then I got distracted, cannibalised the needle foranother project, and put it down. Having see Frax’s clapotisat the weekend, I’m all inspired again, and intending to return tomine. And then I might make another, larger, one, since this one seemsdestined to be more scarf- than wrap-like. Maybe in sock yarn; I lovethe variegated colours, but don’t like the way it knits up in mostprojects, but it really works in the clapotis. Mmmm, sock yarn.

The scrap scarf is in no hurry to be finished.It’s made up of all the tiny bits of yarn leftover from other projects,from things like cutting off the ends after weaving them in. It’s allknotted together haphazardly, different fibres and colours* and weightsall mixed in together, and knitted lengthways in garter stitch. It’sgoing to be quite silly when it’s done, but I think I will love it.

* I mean it about different colours – this has the ends of things I’vemade for other people, as well as my own stuff, so it’s not all purple,blue and red :-)

This spends ages off the needles, because it takes pretty much all ofmy Denise cables, so I can’t use them for anything else while it’s onthem.

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