I’ve finally finished the knitting of the red cardigan, and will blog it as soon as I’ve sorted out the fastenings. In the meantime, I’ve started my next pair of socks!

This is a whirlpool toe using the fibre I blended specially for socks: 40% natural grey shetland, 25% dyed grey merino, 25% variegated-mauve mohair and 10% bright pink silk. If I’ve succeeded in combining the best of all of these, the socks will be warm, soft, tough, and a bit shimmery. The yarn’s a bit hard in the ball, but is knitting up to be beautifully soft, with a slight halo from the mohair.

The socks are going to be the ridgeline sockitecture from New Pathways, with the cable pattern from the doomed purple cardigan along the ridge. I seem to be developing a habit of designing complex cables for doomed large projects, and then repurposing them for socks ;-)