Red leaf spinning

Since writing the last entry, I have spun this:

That’s batch five of the red leaf fibre, and the last one for the time being. I’m now at about 1,000m, so I’m going to stop spinning the red leaf and start spinning some of this:

Current plan is that this burgundy merino will be the warp to the red leaf’s weft, although it’s possible I’ll ply the two together and use as both warp and weft. This option is actually starting to look quite appealing – it’ll make the yarn thicker, so I can to a wider-spaced warp, and it’ll even out the colour changes in the red leaf and make it more overall-red with subtle shadings of purple and orange. And avoid the risk of problems if I accidentally end up with warp-dominant weaving. What I should really do is sample, but I suspect weaving sampling takes quite a lot of yarn, and the colour changes are long enough that it’d use quite a lot to get a good idea. Maybe I should pull a thin strip of the fibre so I can spin a sample bit with much shorter changes.

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