Metaphor of the week

Knitting is like building a house. Even if you only have a rough idea of what the finished house will be like, you still have to make decisions about what kind of foundations to build before you can lay the first brick. And once you start laying bricks there’s a certain order things must happen in, and a limit to what you can change on the fly.

Crochet, on the other hand, is like a paper and pencil sketch. You start with a rough outline, maybe some tentative lines, and build up from there. If you think you need a bit more on one side, you just go over and add some more. There are of course still limits to what you can change on the fly, but they’re different limits, and I think – from brief exposure to it – that they are fewer.

I’m surprised how different the two crafts are, and surprised it’s taken me this long to pick up a hook for something other than fixing dropped knit stitches. I’ve not fallen instantly in love: I don’t like the appearance of crocheted fabric as much as I do knitted fabric, and I don’t understand crochet yet. But for toys, and playing, and making things up as I go along, it has definite possibilities.

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