At an impasse

Since finishing the push-me-pull-you socks and sending the pattern off for test knitting (thank you, Frax!), I’ve been in a bit of knitting no-woman’s-land. I did start making Henry, but three rows in I started placing markers so I’d know where I was, and I’ve already gone wrong somewhere, and I can’t summon up the enthusiasm to work out where, and how to fix it. I’m still technically knitting the two interminable cardigans, although as I said yesterday, I think I might frog the purple one. I’m planning (always ;-) to resurrect the red one, but it’s dull knitting and the design decisions are all already made. Juno is OTN, but I don’t want to knit either cotton or lace, so that leaves me with nothing I want to knit. I’ve got lots of spinning projects in planning, and some in progress, and some of these even have relationships with planned knitted or woven things, but none of them are ready to go, and what I want to do is knit, not spin.

So I’ve been spending some quality time with my Rav queue, and with the advanced pattern search, and with my stash (in virtual form, because it’s easier to see that way!), and trying to work out what to do next, and I have a bit of a problem: my queue has metamorphosed while I wasn’t looking into merely a list of ‘things I might make, some day, with some mods’, and not things I’m queuing up to knit now.

I think what I want to knit now is a hat. But I also think there are at least two hats lurking in my head: one is a hood, which might even have a yoke, and the other is a pull-down-over-my-ears hat which has space at the back for me to tuck my hair into. Beret-like, sort of. And I need a hat: I only have one sensibly-warm hat for this cold weather, and, well, its warmth is the only way it’s sensible – it’s a pointy stocking cap with a tassel. I love it, but it’s slightly sillier than I like to be at work. I’m wearing a lot of red this winter, and my favourite gloves and two of my current rotation of scarves are red, so ideally I need a red hat to go with them, but I don’t have any appropriate yarn available, or any available fibre with which to spin appropriate yarn. (There’s the yarn and fibre that will be leftover from the red cardigan and the red leaf wrap, but I need to finish the projects before using the leftovers!)

Hence, impasse.

Also, I want a new hand-made cardigan, because I’m loving my existing ones so much, but I really shouldn’t cast on for another cardigan with two so hopelessly stalled. Should I? But sitting waiting in my stash is some purple slubby singles yarn which I spun for a cardigan. And the cardigan in my head is loose-knit, airy and drapey, so it’ll knit up quickly. And it might break the cardigan-block. Or it might make it worse, and leave me with three cardigans on the needles.

And all this while, my fingers are itching to knit.

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