Metaphorically cold feet

I am having serious doubts about this cardigan. I’ve had them for a while, and have been ostriching about them, but I’ve just got the thing out and tried it on, and the doubts aren’t going away.

Possibly I should have been warned by the fact that I’m a good way further on than shown on the left, but have taken no more photos – I take lots of photos of things I’m happy with. Current progress is to just below the underarm on the body, and about a third of the way down one sleeve – enough to start getting an idea of fit, and it’s not good. The neckline is too wide. This can be fixed with a brooch holding the fronts together, but that then does slightly peculiar things with the rest of the line at the front. And the shoulder increases, as I feared, are not sitting flat but bunching.

So the project is now officially on the at risk register. And I’m going from here to Ravelry to search out a successor…

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