Operation separation

Today, The Princess Bride and the push-me-pull-you socks have been vying for my attention. I’ve had to pause in my knitting during particularly interesting bits of book, and pause in my reading during particularly interesting bits of sock. The socks are now finished; the book has about a third to go.


1. Joined at the ribbing, just before casting off.
2. Just after casting off, looking like what would happen if Georgia O’Keefe was a knitter.
3. Immediately post-separation. Outer sock still inside-out on the left; inner sock on the right, right-way-out as it has been all along (my first real sight of the right-side!)
4. Both socks right-way-out.
5. On my feet, with the stripes lining up! (With bad colour matching – the other photos are a better match.)

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