Alpaca various

This is the next batch of black alpaca carded with purple merino. More than half of the fibre is carded now, and it’s going much quicker with the drum carder than it did with hand carders :-) I’ve actually spun one batch of this, but I don’t think I’ve taken any photos. It’s about 5m/g, and will either stay as singles or end as two-ply, depending on what I decide to do with it. It’s probably going to be another woven wrap, but at the moment everything looks like a weaving project to me, since the loom is spread across the library floor in pieces having been varnished at the weekend. I’m resisting the urge to assemble it for as long as possible, because I can’t start using it for another week and a bit, so barriers are good ;-)



The grey-pink alpaca for my MiL’s Christmas present is finally all spun and plied. The first picture is a closeup of two balls of singles ready for plying, and it’s really just another excuse to show off the macro capabilities of my new camera! The second picture is of the finished yarn, about 500m of two-ply. I spent some time the other day swatching from my sample of this yarn, and I didn’t come up with anything I liked, so this is starting to look like a weaving project as well. Of course, weaving it also  means the finished item (a scarf) will be larger, since weaving uses less yarn than knitting, so this is solidifying into a plan.

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