Early birthday present

So, it’s not my birthday for another couple of weeks, but today my parents paid their birthday visit, so I opened my present from them under the guise of allowing them to see it (since I ordered and paid for it and they, like me, had only seen a photo of the finished thing).

I ordered this fibre as a custom job from Freyalynn, with this photo as inspiration. I may have mentioned before that I’m planning to weave this with some plain-dyed burgundy merino, to make an autumn-coloured wrap. I’m only resisting starting to spin this by reminding myself that I need to learn about weaving to ensure I spin the right yarn for the project. Until I start using the loom, and understand something about what kind of yarn works best for weaving in general and my loom in particular, I will save this fibre and resist its siren call. But it’s incredibly beautiful, and I have to keep getting it out to stroke it :-)

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