Experiments in blending, or: after-the-fact justification

I bought a drum carder. I also bought several little bags of pretty fibre in amounts too small to be anything on their own. An appropriate justification for both of these facts is carding different fibres together to design the composition of the yarn as well as its colour and shape.


Left to right: carded and uncarded fibres next to each other; four different uncarded fibres; carded batts; spinning in progress.

This is going to be sock yarn. It’s 65% wool (40% shetland and 25%merino), with 25% mohair and 10% silk for strength and shine. Both woolsare grey – the shetland is natural light grey, and the merino a darkergrey (dyed), so the basic colour of the yarn is grey, but themohair is hand painted purple-mauve, which is not obvious in theblended fibre, but which brightens the colour, andthe silk is bright fuchsia, which is visible in the fibre inoccasional streaks. I’ve carded about 80g of thisfibre, which should be enough for socks for me, and I have about thesame amount again, so I can repeat the trick if I like it.

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