Knitting and Stitching Show haul

At the last minute, I decided to go to the Knitting and Stitching Showwith J, and to save myself from an unbridled orgy of stash enhancement,I set some rules. Fibre was my prime target, but only interestinghand-dyed fibre. It is of course possible to buy hand-dyed fibre on theinternet, but it’s hard to choose – so much depends on things whicharen’t obvious from a computer screen, so I much prefer to buy it inperson. The only yarn I was allowing myself to buy was sock yarn, andeven then it had to be either reduced or unavailable online.

So I succeeded on both counts! I’ve got lovely new hand-dyed fibre, including silk tops and mohair which I haven’t spun before, and some nice shades of wool including some superwash BFL. I haven’t completely decided what I’m doing with any of this yet, although I have some ideas, mostly around weaving or sock yarn – I’m planning to use the carder to do some fibre mixes (silk, mohair and wool) for socks. Talking of sock yarn, I bought five skeins: two in burgundy Malabrigo for the long-promised scarf (Henry) for large-male-friend-R (colour had to be confirmed in person), one Cherry Tree Hill greeny-grey solid for Boyfriend Socks for R (reduced by 10%), and two for me: a lilac semi-solid by Ripples that I’ve never seen online, and a Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome lottery colour that is a one-off. The lilac will be socks, something lacy probably, and the Sockittome will probably be not-socks; gloves or scarf or something – possibly even woven if it’s a scarf.


I wanted a book each on weaving and spinning – the former a basic guide to rigid heddle weaving, and the latter a comprehensive encyclopaedia type. And I succeeded here as well. An initial glance at the weaving book gives me encouraging information about the quantities of yarn I’ll need to weave the wraps I’m planning – less yarn for woven fabric than knitted, which makes sense considering the relative flat-and-dense-ness of the different fabrics.

Final acquisitions were 3.25mm Addi turbos for knitting Henry, and an Onya bag to replace my current spare bag which is wearing out. A good day!

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