Review: Knitty fall 2008

Twist + shout: maybe it’s because the sample is purple. Maybe it’s the sloping cables. Maybe it’s the blurb about how it fits everyone, but I love it. Now I just have to work out if I’d wear it.

Camden: another good’un. Love the removable sleeves, love the fitted shape, and I even like the bobbles (I usually don’t). However, unlike Twist + Shout, I don’t think this would work on, ahem, a wide range of sizes. I might steal the removable sleeves idea though.

Hermia: the sleeves are too short, and the shape is all wrong. There’s a nice cardigan in there, fighting to get out, but even that’s only nice, and probably not nice enough to do the work to chisel it out.

Retrofit: nothing like a band T-shirt, everything like five million other collared raglan cardigans. Dull.

Mangyle: I do not like the 70s-brown revival in men’s clothes. Yuck.

Abrazo: I do not like chunky ‘sweater vests’.

Versatility: I do’t much like the front view of either the cardigan or shrug styles, but I _do_ like the hood, sleeves and wrap versions, and the pattern details are rather lovely.

Anne Shirley: nice but not something I’d knit, although I’m keen on the reversible pattern…

Kinetic: I love Norah Gaughan. That is all.

Slither: lovely. Again, yes, I’m a sucker for purple, but these are just gorgeous.

Hug: is it just me, or is it slightly sinister?

Waves of grain: pretty, although a) it looks pink to me, and b) it also does not look reversible.

And then we come to the socks! Socks are apparently still the main thing I’m knitting, although since converting body and soul to New Pathways, what I’m looking for in sock patterns is the ideas more than the pattern. I’m not going to knit the toes and heel the pattern says, and I’m very unlikely to knit top down regardless of what the pattern says. So…

Hourglass: lovely pattern, eminently stealable, although I think the lines of twisted stitches are crying out for continuing into the rib.

Garden gate: I have to force myself to look past the colours in the pictured socks, because pink and brown is not a combination I like much, but the pattern is very pretty. My various attempts at stranded socks suggest that I’m sufficiently slow at it that I don’t have the staying power for socks this long, so if I steal the pattern it will be for shorter ones. I might steal it though – my last stranded sock project looks set for a froggin’.

Interlocking leaves: pretty, but adds nothing to my life that Embossed leaves or many similar patterns don’t already add.

Baroque: I don’t even care that these are orange. Cables! Patterns continuing into the heel and ribbing! I love them!

Sidewinder: I don’t like knitted skirts.

Morgan: I don’t like flat caps.

Oncleows: I don’t like leg warmers.

Abby: pretty, but not something I’d wear or be interested enough in to knit for someone else.

Tatiana: very cute, and lovely idea, but totally not me. And I feel faint at just the thought of all those ends to sew in.

Maple: cool, but I don’t need a pattern to make a felted bag, and although the maple leaf chart is very nice, it’s not something I’m ever going to want to knit.

L’illo: not interesting.

Nightcap: I enjoyed the article (and renewed my intention, fuelled by Franklin Habit’s essays for Cast On, to check out his blog), but I’m not especially interested in the pattern.

Op art: rather lovely. I enjoy the idea even though I’m not going to knit the pattern.

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