Holiday knitting!

I’m just back from a week in Cumbria, land of sheep, and have finished one project and nearly finished another!

The finished project is the autumn Coriolis for female-friend-R (not quite finished in the picture!). She bought the yarn when we were in Hay at the beginning of the summer, and I started them at the Reading Festival with her at the end of August, and have now finished them in Cumbria (well, technically I finished them in Oxford this afternoon, but that was reknitting an applied icord, so I’m not counting it). Truly holiday knitting, these :-) It’s the third time I’ve knit Coriolis now, which is, um, two more than almost any other pattern I’ve ever knit (only one more than the clapotis, and I don’t think I’ll knit that again), and I’m knitting it from memory. I may make more.

The nearly finished project is the Child(no)Hoodie for my niece-to-be. Much as I love hoods, I’m leaving the hood out of this because the pattern says it knits up large and benefits from being tried on, which isn’t possible when the intended recipient is a) in Winchester, and b) not yet an independent entity! I’ve been lax in paying attention to the pattern, and made a couple of mistakes, but one hasn’t turned out to be a mistake after all, and the other will be easily fixable with a feature that I actually like better than the pattern as written. The error I do regret, slightly, is in following the pattern too much, by knitting the back and fronts as three pieces instead of one. The rows are short anyway, and I don’t like seaming, so this should have been a no-brainer, but I wasn’t paying sufficient attention. Never mind. The yarn (Rowan allseasons cotton) feels horrid to knit with, because I’m used to wool, but it feels nice knit up, and I’m loving the red and orange stripes. And I’m hoping there will be enough left to make a hat to go with :-)

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