Review: a fine fleece

Frax linked me to Knotions, and although I haven’t properly engaged with the site yet, the first thing I spotted was a review for a fine fleece. Without even reading the review in detail, it was clear I wanted this book – even a superficial glance reveals that it’s all cables and handspun. I ordered it immediately :-)

It does not disappoint. It’s gorgeous – fantastic photography, high quality production values (coloured binding tape is always a favourite), and beautiful page layouts. Well-written, too. As a design geek, a cable knitter and a spinner, this book is clearly aimed squarely at me.

Lots of the jumper patterns are drop-shoulder, which means I won’t knit them as-is because I don’t like that shape, but since there are several beautiful ones with set-in sleeves, and plenty of non-jumper patterns, and since I rarely knit patterns verbatim anyway, this is only a minor niggle really. I’m considering adapting at least one of the drop-shoulder patterns into a set-in sleeve with the same cable panel.

The book’s big schtick is that each pattern is illustrated in both handspun and commercial yarn, showing various possibilities, and there’s a lot of interesting discussion about the attributes of different breeds of sheep, and other technical spinning details, but in a way that’s accessible (and useful) to the non-spinner as well as the spinner.

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