Festival knitting

I’m just back from the Reading Festival, and – inspired by Kauket – decided to take some sock knitting with me. A quick peruse of my sock stash and queue turned up nothing planned that’s simple enough that I don’t need a pattern, but then I remembered that friend-R, who bought the autumn-coloured Opal handpaint in my stash (for socks for herself), expressed a desire to have Coriolis socks after seeing mine. Having just knit baby Coriolis, I was pretty sure that I could knit the whole thing from memory, as long as I had access to the revelant master numbers, so I began the toe, knit enough to take gauge measurements, and then wrote the master numbers on a business card which I packed with the yarn.

I didn’t do much knitting while I was there – I didn’t take the knitting into the arena (although I might next year), and much of the time I was at the campsite either I was not in a knitting frame of mind or it was too dark. But on the first day we were there, before the music started, and yesterday after we got home, I did enough to make a serious dent in the first sock :-)

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