Purple things for me

Bellatrix FO pics! They look more twisted than they feel, which is ideal. What’s not ideal is the obvious colour difference despite matching dye lots :-( Still, perfect matchingness isn’t high on my list of priorities, and I love them. And there’s enough yarn leftover to make another pair of something else :-)

I’m not sure how well this picture has come out, because the colour details are quite subtle even ‘in the flesh’, but this is my latest beginning-planning spinning project. It’s about two-thirds natural black alpaca hand carded with about a third purple merino, and then rolled sideways off the card so the fibres are roughly aligned, then spun and plied. In person this is really quite lovely, with black bits and purple bits and blacky-purple bits, and somewhere around DK weight. I have about 400g of the alpaca and 250g of the merino, so together that should be enough for an actual thing, possibly a gothy lacy shawl.

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