Bellatrix continues apace!

Having a wool gathering with White_Hart and Dyddgu earlier, I finished the heel on Bellatrix, and now with an evening’s TV viewing behind me, I’ve knit a couple of inches of leg as well (photos below were taken a couple of hours ago) – this goes surprisingly fast :-) I love the eye of partridge heel (even though it doesn’t really suit the yarn/pattern perfectly), and I like how the sidestream sockitecture makes the foot part look slightly twisted (it doesn’t feel twisted, just looks it). The pattern is lovely – I really like how it messes with the colour changes, and leaves big fat blobs of colour in the middle of the stripes.

Very happy with these, and hoping to finish the first sock this week, although the wool gathering has made me feel all spinny again, so I’ll be doing some of that too :-)


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