The sock problem

As I said a couple of posts back, I have at least twelve pairs-worth of sock yarn in my stash. I’ve now resolved to actually knit some of it, but I’m not entirely sure yet where to start – which pattern, which yarn. Part of the point of this post is that I don’t always know what I think until I say type it…

This Cherry Tree Hill (left) was bought to be Clessidra. There are two skeins, so it’s clearly long socks, and it’s still a pattern I want to knit. This is also my only totally solid colour sock yarn, so perfectly suited to cables, I think. I’ve had it for ages, though, so I keep overlooking it in favour of newer and shinier yarn. Also I’m scared of second sock syndrome in long socks.

These bright reds and pinks (right) are already incarnate as a fairly new pair of Coriolis, so knitting up this is probably low down the list of priorities. It’s a good level of variegated, though – enough to be interesting without obscuring a pattern, so I’ll definitely  make more socks with it. Part of it is already in Stranded Sock Project Number Three, but I think this one’s destined for a froggin’ too, so it might be time to think about Number Four…

This Trekking XXL (left) has begun to be a Pomatomus, but I think the pattern is too interesting for me to be able to knit it while doing something else, like watching TV, so I might frog and make it into something else eventually. Or I might resurrect it if I’m in the mood for complicated knitting – the colour is perfect for the idea behind the pattern, and it’s not as if I desparately need more sock yarn available to knit with ;-)

This blue and purple (right) is mostly a clapotis, but it’s sock-weight, and there’s plenty left for one, or possibly even two, pairs of socks. It’s a bit scratchy though, so I’m not sure how much I like it. Also not a high priority.

The Dream in Colour Smooshy was implicated in Stranded Sock Project Number Two, but wasn’t contrasty enough with the black. I originally planned for this to be Embossed Leaves socks, but I now think it’s too dark, and in any case I’m not sure I want to knit them at the moment. Drawing board time, perhaps.

And here (right) we have a suspect from Stranded Sock Project Number One, the Knitwitches purple variegated. Probably too dark and variegated for many patterns, so I’m not sure. I sort of want this to be lacy for some reason, so it’ll take careful thought to pick a pattern that will work.

There’s little debate about this Opal Handpaint (left), because the yarn belongs to friend-R, so the socks will be for her too. I think she wants Coriolis socks, but I made my pair too recently to be ready to knit another yet.

The Trekking XXL (right) is a colourway I am choosing to call starling, because that’s what it reminds me of. It’s too dark and too variegated to be suited to many patterns, so I’ve no real idea what to do with it. It’s very pretty though.

This (left) is of course the yarn I want to knit. It’s new and shiny, and I think might be well-suited to Bellatrix. The problem (there’s always a problem!) is that there are three balls, so they could be long socks, or I could use the leftovers with some of the plain black leftover sock yarn kicking around to make an attempt at Stranded Sock Project Number Five. I’m a sucker for two handed knitting, apparently :-)

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