Adventures in spinning alpaca and silk

So this is what I’ve been doing with the alpaca…


The first five pictures are various combinations of dyed lilac-grey alpaca and black alpaca. Sometimes carded, sometimes blended together, sometimes spun as-is.

The fourth picture has some silk noil spun in – someone from the Bucks spinning, weaving and dyeing guild at the local alpaca farm’s open day gave me a little bit of this. I liked spinning the silk noil, but probably not enough to buy more.

The last two pictures relate to the sewing project I haven’t yet blogged about (I’ll do it after I’ve given the gift to its recipient). They’re spun from leftover bits of sari silk – one just shredded, and the others carded; the darker one is carded with some of the black alpaca, which may well be the eventual destination of all the other bits of leftover sari fabric. I’m sufficiently pleased with the way this worked that there’s a piece of drawstring cord in the finished sewing project which I spun from carded bits of leftover fabric. This is probably a bit excessive, except that I didn’t have any other cord or yarn which would go, and I’m pleased that this matches perfectly

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