A gift!

Yesterday I hosted a crafting evening, at which two friends – K and S – came over, K did her mending, S learnt how to to do the purl stitch, and I knitted, sewed and spun (of which more in a post to come). Excitingly, K came bearing gifts from her and her boyfriend J – the sock yarn to the right :-)

They’ve recently been on holiday – I’m ashamed to admit I can’t remember where to, although northern Europe/Scandinavia rings a bell – had seen this and thought of me. K had told me the last time I saw her that they had bought me a present of wool, and although she is a person of good taste, and with an interest in clothes (and therefore fibres), I felt the usual trepidation of a knitter told by a non-knitter about ‘lovely wool’. Would it be acrylic or eyelash yarn?

I should have known better :-) This is lovely sock yarn, 80% merino and 20% nylon, and it’s gorgeous knitted up in the tiny swatch I’ve begun. I explained to K about the deep philosophical problem in sock knitting with the tension between beautifully variegated yarn which is shown to best advantage in simple, boring-to-knit patterns, and intricate, complex sock patterns which are fun and challenging to knit but work best with plain, boring yarn. I think she was slightly disbelieving about the depth of this problem, as well as being amused that knitting has philosophical problems.

However, thanks to Frax’s Ravelry projects list, I think I have solved it. This yarn might be destined to become Bellatrix. Of course, I have lots of sock yarn, and lots of plans, and my plans often change along the way, but this is the current theory!

(Oh, and I had a text message from S today telling me that she’s holding me entirely to blame for her subsequent purchasing of needles and yarn on the internet. Score!)

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