Rantette; Knitty

I knew that Knitpicks didn’t ship internationally. I’ve seen people complain about it, and to protect my covetous nature, I have avoided becoming too familiar with their product line beyond the needles that Get Knitted sell.

However, while searching just now for a product that is not made by Knitpicks, and limiting my search to UK sites, I discovered that Knitpicks own and use www.knitpicks.co.uk despite not doing business in the UK. I’m sufficiently cross about this that I might even send them an irate email. 

(Also, new Knitty squee. I just have to decide which yarn, and which feet (mine or female-R’s) Ziggy will be for, and then I’m so resisting the urge to cast on immediately. And Eloping might as well have been deliberately designed for one of my current spinning projects and one of my current gift dilemmas. Yay. I heart Knitty.)

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