And some more spinning…

(Honestly, it’s a wonder I ever get anything non-crafty done ;-)



I’m two-thirds of the way through this spinning project, which will eventually be probably DK-ish three-ply (ie really thin spinning compared to my other efforts). I’ve got twice as much of the bright purple as the mauve, so two plies will be bright and one will be dull. The bright is a tad too bright, anyway, so the mauve really improves it, which I can see in the real life version of the sample card to the left, but you probably can’t see very well through a computer screen ;-) (The three-ply is the bottom horizontal line – the middle is the bright purple singles and the top is a two-ply, which I didn’t like as much.)

This is spindle-spun, partly because it’s really nice merino and I’m not confident enough yet with the wheel to want to use my nicest fibre, and partly because I need to do a minor repair on the wheel (which I have all the stuff for, and which should be straightforward; I just haven’t done it yet).

I’ve also just ordered a load more fibre from Texere – a big bag (400g) each of purple and dark red, and a bunch of smaller bags (50g) of lots of dark rich colours. I’m thinking about blending, having read an article about mixing in different colours to make a yarn with more depth of colour. First, though, I’ll have to clean my hand cards, and I’m not really sure how to do that. But once I’ve worked it out, I even have fibre to test it on, because I’ve been keeping all my tiny bits and pieces of fibre that have been in too-small bits to bother incorporating into the thing I’m spinning – I’ll card them together and probably end up with a dark purple with flashes of all the spinning I’ve done so far.

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