RIP cherie amour; long live elegant ribbed stockings

I finished the body and one sleeve on cherie amour, tried it on and hated it :-( I’ve frogged the sleeve, more for the ritual of the thing than because I need to immediately reclaim the yarn (I haven’t yet bothered frogging the body, and in any case I haven’t decided what else to do with it), and am now halfway through winding my first skein of Cascade 220 into a ball for the elegant ribbed stockings. In the process of doing this, I’ve asked partner-R to buy me a swift and/or a ball winder for my birthday. I hate balling skeins.

The cascade feels lovely, though, and I’m hopeful of it producing nice stockings, although they might just be for wearing around the house – I’m not sure the yarn is spun tightly enough to survive ordinary wear. And they’re just too pretty to be hidden under trousers or long skirts, but at the same time too pretty-pretty to be displayed in public. But since I’ve spent today lounging around the house wearing a shortish skirt with stripy knee socks (not hand knitted), I think I’m likely to get some use out of them :-)

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