Knitting show haul

Yesterday I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palacewith Frax and assorted others, and had a fabulous time :-)

Fraxhad set herself a yarn-buying budget; I had done no such thing,although I had made a list of the projects on my queue that I wanted tobuy yarn for, with yarn requirements. I didn’t buy everything on thelist (it wasn’t that kind of list – my cashflow couldn’t have taken thestrain), but all but three of the things I bought were on the list (andtherefore bought with a specific project in mind), and two (or possiblyall) of those are sock yarn, so any old sock project will suffice.

So, the haul (all wool, it occurs to me now):








(Top picture) Three skeins of Cascade 220 from Get Knitted in purple (this willbecome a theme). These are for the Elegant Ribbed Stockings fromFavorite Socks. It’s a bit on the heavy side, being more of a lightaran than a DK or sport, but the yardage seemed pretty close, and thesocks are knit on peculiarly large needles. We shall see… I canalways repurpose this as a scarf or something if it doesn’t work. Ialso got 3m of beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbon to thread through theeyelets if the yarn becomes socks. The ribbon is purple, too.

(Secondand third pictures) One large (350g?) skein of variegated purples andblues. This is a no-name (from a no-name company as well – just one guywho has no shop and no website and just does shows). I’m not evencompletely certain of the weight – it’s not labelled, and I might havemisremembered, because I did look at a lot of yarn yesterday. I startedoff thinking it was about DK, but I’ve measured and it’s 20wpi, whichseems like sock to me. This might be a clapotis – it’s the one yarn (asalluded to above) which isn’t destined for a specific project, but it’sgorgeous, and was very cheap indeed.

(Fourth picture) Two skeins of Cherry Tree Hill supersock from the Woolly Workshop, inpurple (the same yarn as my Baudelaires). This is for Clessidra, whichI’ve wanted to knit ever since I first saw the pattern. And it was 20%off :-)

Half a skein of some very bright red and pinkvariegated sock yarn, another no-name from the same stall as thepurples and blues (which had lots of gorgeous stuff for very littlemoney, including some amazingly soft silk and mohair in a shade ofpurple which was too pinky for my taste, so I resisted the urge to buyit despite not having a project in mind for it), which Frax and Ibought to split. It certainly make two, and possibly even three pairsof socks each, and was also very cheap. (This is one of the yarns Ihave no plan for, but I plan to knit socks in general, so it’s not aproblem.) No photo of this one, because it’s at Frax’s house.

(Fifth picture) Five skeins of unnamed space dyed wool that is very much like Manos delUruguay in – you guessed it – purple (from lovely people – the firststall we looked at, and both mine and Frax’s favourite – Knit 4 Fun).Variegated this time – different purples and some flashes of fuchsia.It’s very similar colours to my silly stocking hat. This is for CherieAmour, which I’ve also loved since first sight. And I’ve swatched itnow, to perfect gauge on both needles, so I might just cast on. Toomany projects OTN? How is that even possible!

(Sixth picture) One skein of not-purple: Dream in Color Smooshy from Socktopus innearly-solid burgundy. This is for the Embossed Leaves from FavoriteSocks. And it’s gorgeously soft.

(Bottom picture)Finally, the other not-yet-assigned yarn, one skein of Knitwitches sock yarn in, yes, purple variegated.

I’mreally happy with my purchases. Only two of them (the Cascade and theCherry Tree Hill) are things I could just as easily have got online,and the Cascade was worth it to choose a colour in person, and theCherry Tree Hill was worth it because it was discounted. Some of theothers are available online, but I hadn’t properly heard of them tohave gone looking, and some I just wouldn’t have been able to getanywhere else. They’re all absolutely beautiful, gorgeous colours,lovely feel, and I’m eager to knit with each and every one ofthem!    

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