Urban Rustic gloves






So I’ve been chafing at the bit to startknitting again, after hurting my wrist a couple of weeks ago. My two(main) existing wips were out, because the Jaywalkers are on smallneedles and knit tight, which I find makes my hands ache more evenunder normal circumstances, and the red cardigan is long rows, andfairly heavy even at this early stage. Clearly an excuse to cast on anew project, which – combined with the two balls of Noro I acquired onholiday – led me to the Urban Rustic gloves from Knitty.

I’ve finished the knitting of the first one, which actually meansthere’s quite a lot still to do, even though I did the finger-sidegrafting as I went along (I love grafting; it’s like magic) -lots of tidying away ends and closing up holes. I’m not keen on garterstitch, so I used stocking stitch. Or reverse stocking stitch, Ihaven’t yet decided (opinions welcome – there are photos of bothsides). I started off thinking I was going to alternate rows of theSilk Garden and the Kureyon, but of course that doesn’t work with shortrows, so instead I took advantage of the peculiarities of the patternto knit one side of the glove in one yarn and the other in the other. Ithink I like the effect on the first glove; I’ll withhold judgement onthe overall effect till I see which colours turn up on the second glove- the long colour repeats in both yarns mean the second glove willprobably be quite different to the first ;-) The glove is shorter thanI like, so depending on how much yarn is over after the second glove,I’ll probably pick up stitches around the wrist and knit it longer(perhaps swapping the position of the yarns, so the Kureyon side has aSilk Garden cuff and vice versa).

The pattern is lovely. I really like this approach to knitting gloves(not that I’ve ever knit fingers using the traditional approach); I’mgenerally a fan of holding stitches and them knitting them in later,and I even like the line of contrast on one side of each finger where Igrafted with yarn which was out of sequence with the main body of theglove. Stupidly, I forgot to photograph that line on the stockingstitch side, and the camera is both nearly out of battery, and put awayback in its bag, so it’ll have to wait.

(The colours on the Silk Garden aren’t true, by the way: the ‘red’ ispink, the ‘blue’ is purple, and the ‘pink’ is lilac. It’s a much nicercombination in real life.)

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