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I’m knitting again :-) My wrist isn’t completely recovered, but it’sbasically OK unless I use it a lot, or bear weight on it at certainangles. So I’ve actually worked on (counts) four different projects inthe last week. Four! I should get round to taking some photos to provethis, but words will have to suffice in the mean time.

I’ve finished knitting the Urban Rustic gloves, with added cuffs tomake them longer. The sticking point now is weaving in theapproximately fifty million ends and closing up the holes. I’ve doneabout half of one glove, but can’t quite bring myself to finish. I’mwell aware that this is ridiculous.

I’ve finished the first Jaywalker, at last. I even took it over tofemale-friend-R’s house to show her and get her to try it on before Imade the second, but then I forgot about it and didn’t show her. I’mtaking a break before I make the next anyway, because I got very boredof knitting them.

I’ve picked up the red cardigan again, but it’s hard going – it’stop-down all-in-one raglan, and I’m approaching the point where I cansplit off the sleeves, so it’s very long rows of boring boring stockingstitch, and it’s on the Denise needles, which aren’t really quiteslippery enough for the yarn, so there’s an awful lot of movingstitches around.

In an effort to make me knit the red cardigan, I’ve cast on somethingelse. It does make sense, honestly. If my other project is complicated,I’ll have to have the cardigan as TV knitting because it’s simple anddoesn’t need looking at. The theory is that if I’m doing it while I’mthinking about something else, I might not notice the very, very longtime it takes to knit a single row. So for this to work, the otherproject has to need me to look at it and think about it. And since thecardigan is large, the second project should probably be small: it’sPomatomus, knit with the tweedy blue Trekking I bought in Cornwall. Ispent a while looking through sock patterns to find one that I thoughtwould work with either the Trekking or the Opal handpaint, and this wasthe combination that grabbed me. God only knows what I’m going to dowith the Opal. It might have been a poor purchasing decision – maybeI’ll see if I can trade it with someone.

But in the most exciting knitting news, I’m going to the Knitting andStitching Show this weekend with Frax and assorted other knitters, andI’m really looking forward to it. I need to spend some timewith my Ravelry queue in preparation for the trip, so I know how muchof different weights I ‘need’ for different things I’m considering – itwould be a terrible calamity to find the perfect yarn for a project butnot be able to remember how much it requires.

So, things I’m actively planning to make, that I need to look up before the show:

  • Elegant ribbed stockings from Favorite Socks (plain or semi-solid sport weight)
  • Embossed leaves socks, ditto (semi-solid or muted variegated sock yarn)
  • Henry from Knitty (burgundy sock yarn, for large-male-friend-R)
  • Entrelac shawl (something variegated)

I think that’s all on the yarn front. I am not buying acardigansworth of anything, because I have one cardigan OTN and anotherin planning (and am considering frogging and reknitting my Rogue), sono large piles of aran-weight for me, no matter how beautiful. If it’s very beautiful,I’ll buy smallish quantities and make hats and/or scarves. Or gloves.Or maybe even bags. But no more large garments, apart from the entrelacshawl, and that’s only on the list because it specifically requiresvariegated, which I otherwise try not to buy because it’s too patternedfor me when it’s knitted up.

I have needle wants, too. I want some 2.25mm circs to fill the gap inmy sock tools; I need to check what size needles I’ve used for therandom lace jumper and get some pointy lace needles for it to increasethe chance of me ever going back to it (just too fiddly with bluntDenises), and I’d like some Addis to replace the Denises in the redcardigan too. Hell, who am I kidding? I’d like Addis in all sizes andall lengths, please. But no straight needles, even if they are the mostbeautiful thing ever, because I hate knitting with them. They can bemade of beautifully carved amethyst and I won’t buy them. Well, maybeif they really were amethyst I’d buy them as an ornament ;-)

Finally, I’d like some undyed yarn, probably just sock weight, becauseI’ve had so much fun dyeing that I want to do more. But mostly I wantto spend the day with my friends talking about knitting and droolingover all the shiny :-)

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