My copy of Favorite Socks arrivedtoday :-) I like nearly all of the patterns, and am especiallyconsidering the colourwork ones, because I don’t like to wear patternsanywhere other than socks, so wouldn’t get the Fair Isle or intarsiaexperience otherwise (well, technically the red cardigan is intarsia,but only just).

My favourite Favorite Socks:

  • Elegant ribbed stockings (and I think the needle sizes are all in the Denise set)
  • Ilga’s socks (but in more interesting colours)
  • Embossed leaves (even more after seeing the beautiful star toes on Frax’s)
  • The resoleable ones (not because they’re pretty, but because they’re cool)
  • Austrian socks (lovely stitch pattern)
  • Hidden passion (shadow knitting!)
  • Eastern European footlets (although I really doubt I’d wear them, so they would have to be a gift)
  • Eesti trail hiking socks (also in more interesting colours)

So, Frax, are you still up for a knitalong, and are you interested in any of my favourites?

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