Charity shop yarn, entrelac and cardigan, oh my!



Earlier in the week, a tip off from brit_knitson LJ led me to a charity shop haul of 10 balls of slightly peculiartweedy wool/mohair in black and 11 of the same in a weird petrol blue,for not very much money at all. I’ve no real idea what I’m going to dowith them, and since they’re only 50g balls, it’s only enough to make ajumper if I use both colours, and I don’t think that’s going to work.This may have been a foolish buy, but I’m sure there are other things Icould make with it…

While contemplating what to make, I starting looking around Knitty, and was inspired by Danicato try entrelac, which I’ve wanted to do for ages, because it looksreally cool and fun to do. I was right, it is fun. I’m not intending tofinish this as it is – I don’t think it works that well with black, andI want to make something bigger than a scarf with this, but it’s set methinking that my next project might be one something like Lady Eleanor,the entrelac wrap. In variegated yarn, because I think it works reallywell in entrelac, and Bopeepsheep’s Lady Eleanor (in Rowan Tapestry) is gorgeous.

Meanwhile, I frogged and started again on the redcardigan, which I think you’ll agree is now much more cardigan-shaped(that’s the collar and the beginning of the shoulders in the picture).I’m not sure the colours show up very well in these photos – they’renot that bright in real life, although I’m slightly worried thatthey’re too bright for me.

Finally, I’m contemplating a little dyeing-and-felting project as alast-minute gift plan. I’ve got some plain cream wool (bought inNorthern Ireland on holiday last year) which will probably take dyenicely, and felt easily. I’ll say no more on the wildly unlikelyoffchance that the recipient reads this.

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