New cardigan plans

So, today I unravelled the red-mix Manos delUruguay that I bought – and turned into a shawl-thing – in the US acouple of years ago. It was lovely, but I never wore it, and it wasn’treally doing justice to the yarn, so now I have 620g of ‘new’ yarn,without having to spend any money at all!

I’d mentally grouped the Manos with the Soho in my stash and theFyberspates left over from the Clapotis, because they’re all similarkinds of red mix, and I was considering an interpretation of theabstract cardigan from Alterknits, but looking at them together,they’re not different enough for it – would just look odd.

But now, I’ve swatched two-row stripes of theSoho and the Manos, with a seven-stitch seed stitch border in theFyberspates, and I love it. A new cardigan is born! (In my head atleast.) I’ll probably cast on for this more-or-less straight away,because although the purple cable cardigan is still on the go from aplanning point of view, it needs a lot more calculation and design, soit’s not ready to go yet. And I’ve just knit something with cables, and- would you believe? – I’m bored of them ;-)

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