Making it up as I go along

I need to remember that the downside tomaking it up as I go along is the risk of getting it wrong and havingto frog. That’s what I’m about to do with the beginnings of the redcardigan. It’s a top-down all-in-one raglan, but I’ve messed up theincreases – forgetting to do two at each ‘seam’, and only doing one -so I’ll have to rip back to the collar and start again. And if I’mgoing that far, I might rip the whole thing back, because I alsosuspect the neck is too wide, the number of rows of seed stitchinsufficient, and the short rows at the back neck too many. Sigh.

I like how the yarns are working together, though. Fyberspates’Scrumptious (roughly half-and-half silk and wool) is the seed stitchborder (balls 2 and 3 in the photo, counting from the left), and themain body of the cardigan is two rows of Manos (balls 1 and 4) to eachrow of Soho (ball 5) (because I’ve got twice as much Manos as Soho).Managing five balls at once is a bit of a pain, but the effect whenit’s knitted up is good – the Manos and the Soho are blending nicely.

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