New Knitty!

I get quite excited about new issues of Knitty. There’s not oftensomething that leaps out and wants me to knit it (only Clessidra of thelast few issues, I think), but I love seeing what people are designing,and feeding those ideas into things that I might design and/or knit.This issue there’s one pattern that… well, I probably won’t knit itas is, but I’ll knit something like it, inspired by it, and that’s Wisp. I like that sort of scarf/wrap/shawl thing, and I have some KSH in my stash, so I’ll be adding it to my Ravelry queue. The other pattern that I like the idea of is Askew.I don’t think I’ll knit that, either – knitted vest tops don’t reallyexcite me, and I’m sure that Silk Garden would be too hot for thesummer – but I may well make a jumper inspired by it. (No, the jumperof doom hasn’t taught me that I don’t like jumpers.)

Having said knitted vest tops don’t excite me, I do really like both Zinzin and Coachella,but since I wouldn’t wear either (the perennial bra problem), there’sno point about even thinking of knitting them. And I’d die of boredomwith that much stocking stitch.

The lion dishcloth, Grr, is lovely, but I don’t really get dishcloths, and I can’t see why I’d want to knit one even if I did (although if I did knit one, it would be a lion one).

And of the socks, Coupling is pretty, but doesn’t look so different from Elfine, or any of various other lace socks out there; Sweetpea is nice but not interesting, and the yarn obscures the pattern; I really like the patterning on Breeze,but not the anklet shape, so I’d have to adjust it if I made it; andalthough the lace pattern is called “bluebird of friendliness”, Vogon isn’t really all that interesting.

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