Contrast hem

This is the contrast hem swatch(Photoshopped to show both sides in one picture), and the two types ofyarn used in it. The solid dark purple is the merino DK reclaimed fromthe jumper of doom, the variegated pinks-and-purples is Curious Yarns’Gleaming DK (please spare a moment to mourn the apparent-passing ofCurious Yarns).

It’s provisional cast on, nine rows of silk in stocking stitch, onepurl row in silk (turning row), nine rows of merino, then on the tenthrow I put the stitches from the provisional cast on on a separateneedle and knit them up with the merino (am relieved to note that thesilk doesn’t show through on the right side at this point).

At the bottom of the right-side (on the right, hah!) of the swatch, youcan just about see the turning row; I think it looks nice, and I lovehidden details (I came up with the idea while wearing my purple-ishlinen dress, which has a band of pretty braid inside the hem, invisiblemost of the time but making me happy every time I wear it anyway).

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