Knotwork cardigan

The picture to the left, which my partnersays looks like a castle, is actually the schematic for the body of anAnn Budd raglan cardigan, with grid squares of the appropriate size fordesigning Celtic knotwork, which is what the various scribbles are.This is just brainstorming patterns at this stage, seeing what I likeand what works well together. I’ve probably decided on the versiondrawn into the left front on the picture, leaving most of the frontplain stocking stitch, and the back will probably be some more complexpanels, separated by narrow panels of simple plait or twist cables, orpossibly moss stitch or something. Still thinking about it.

I’m considering a contrast internal hem, using some lovely purplevariegated silk that’s the same weight as the solid purple merino thatwill be the body; leaving one row of the variegated visible at the turnlooks good in the swatch. If the sleeves end up slightly bell, the silkwill show inside the cuffs, but even if it doesn’t, it’s the kind ofdesign detail I like. And I’ve been trying to work out what to do withthe silk for ages ;-)

Finally, just for my reference, here are some crucial numbers: 6stitches/8 rows per inch on 4mm bamboo circulars. 1 grid box vertically= 12 rows = 1.5 inches. 1 grid box horizontally = approx 1 inch. n gridboxes horizontally = 6n-1 stitches. (Horizontal stitch-per-boxmeasurements don’t include the stitches that make the cables, sincethey add negligably to the width.)

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