Triskell cable socks


So that swatchsock. It’s now looking more like asock than a swatch :-) The heel is turned, and I’m much happier withhow the yarn looks, now that the cable pattern is properly on the go.I’m also really happy with my cabling skills. I’ve made severalmistakes, of various kinds, with this sock, and I was reasonablyconfident at going back and redoing cables without having to tink/frogall the way. Hoorah!

The blue yarn you can see is a lifeline. I wanted cables on the heelflap, and I wanted them to match up with the instep side, so that thecables were aligned on the ankle, and I’m terrible at counting rows andworking out when to start doing things, so I used a lifeline in case Igot it wrong and had to rip back. I got it right, so I’ll get round toremoving the lifeline in a bit. The heel flap cables, incidentally,were hard. The way the rows worked out meant doing cablecrossings on the wrong side, which isn’t harder from ayarn-and-needle-management point of view, but means I have to activelythink about how each crossing will go, working it out from acombination of the chart and looking at my knitting (that’s another wayI’m happy with how my knitting is going: I’m getting much better atreading it when it’s doing complicated things). I did make a couple ofmistakes with the wrong-side crossings, but they’re not bad enough thatI could be bothered to frog them. Some problems with the ribbingbetween the cable panels, but it’s only glaring at the moment becausethere’s more mistake than actual rib ;-)

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